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13 Jun

Nowzad are an a amazing charity who began due to one man, Pen Farthing, who served in Afghanistan in 2008. During a patrol he broke up a dog fight, rescued a dog who became the linchpin for many others to eventually come under the umbrella of the charity to find safety.

This dog is called Nowzad after the place where he was first found and still lives in the UK today.

Pen went on to write about his time in Afghanistan in two books-

‘One dog at a time’ and ‘No Place like Home’ which have been read all over the world.

From a small shelter in Kabul animals find refuge, food and medical care and from there they are sent to homes all over the globe.

But for Brin, his journey was to be a little trickier.

With the silence that came, two weeks before Cpt Mark left, there came  fear. Very little knowledge is shared about the way these animals travel but it is always one of danger, uncertainty and possible failure.

No word from anyone at this time is like standing on a very high precipice without a safety net and no matter how hard you try the butterflies just will not settle.

It was not until later was I to learn exactly how Brin made the long journey to Kabul but, while at the fun day, I knew that this journey was being made. I could not tell anyone but instead continued to share his story with hope while ignoring the churning that continued with unrelenting pain deep within my stomach.

It was 10 minutes before the stalls were due to be packed away that a text came in..a text that I shared with the crowd who had done so much that day:

‘Brin has arrived at the shelter…picture to follow’

The cheer that went up was incredible. These people, along with so many unsung heroes who helped me so much, were truly part of that moment and it is those ‘moments’ that live in your heart forever.


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