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12 Jun

News started to spread regarding the story of Brin and the local BBC radio contacted me for an interview at 7am two weeks after the story was published in the local paper. Having never done an interview before I was so nervous but the story of Brin was so amazing that it was easy to share with the listeners. From there came other offers from BBC Brighton and Radio Live 5. Some were easier than others as I was asked;

Why rescue a dog from Afghanistan when there are so many needing homes here?

Of course, this is true.

I have rescued all my life, and the list is pretty vast. Sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and Canaries. The Canaries came by accident when I once broke down in Croydon and, while waiting for help to arrive, I went into a pet store and spied two birds in a terrible condition and bought them on the spot to nurse them back to health.

But Brin deserved a chance matter where in the world he was and, if by doing this and sharing his story, it would educate people to the plight of these animals then it would be worth it. These dogs, through no fault of their own need a voice and I hoped that my voice would be heard.

As the letters came in one in particular struck me.

A gentlemen who had served in the Suez Canal Conflict in 1968 sent me a cheque for £10.00 in ‘memory of all the strays he cared for during his service’. This moved me greatly and I wrote to him saying if Brin made it out I would buy him his first toy with the money…and I prayed that I would be able to keep that promise…

I also had offers of the whole amount..emails came form a source that seemed genuine. I was in shock but held my nerve as this was such a large amount of money to give.

But the wonders of the internet can reveal amazing things…and with careful searching the money was being offered from a source that was covering its prejudices and a wide berth was needed.

So, with a polite withdrawal, I continued the campaign with a new insight of paths to avoid…


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