sunny days and face paint…

12 Jun

with the weeks that followed Brin’s story began to spread worldwide and emails and donations came from all corners of the globe. I would spend each and every sunday replying personally to everyone who had left a contact and this would often take 5/6 hours or more.

Contact with Cpt. Mark would be very spasmodic due to difficulties of communication, but when he could write we would exchange brief details of what was going on. He was overwhelmed at the response Brins story had received and despite the little detail he was able to share about this small brown stray I could tell there was a real desperation to get him out by the time the tour of duty was over.

Brin, having survived all he had been through, had also been lucky enough to be cared for by two patrols in that area..and was unlikely to survive a third. As is the nature of war strays are not part of the plan and often a base is ‘cleared’ of strays before the next troops arrive. A harsh reality for an already harsh existence.

With Brins picture glued firmly onto my wall in front of my desk I continued to write to as many people and celebrities I could think of. No replies came from anyone and it was the general public who stepped up to help each and every time.

One phone call from a lady who had seen the article on Brin lifted my spirits. Karen and James own a pet store in a nearby village and they wanted to help by running a fun day and raffle in aid of his rescue fund. She was so enthusiastic and passionate about his story and really wanted to help.

A date was set and donations flooded in for raffles and prizes from many generous companies and to cap it all the sun shone all day. Crowds of people came and I spent many hours sharing Brins story with them all.

That day the wonderful people who came raised over £700.00 towards Brins fund…

but there was one thing I hadn’t shared with them all…yet…


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